“After 4 months of training under Tan, I was shocked with my performance!…”

2 years ago, I ran a time of 10.70 seconds at the national-level 100m competition. After 3 months, I suffered an injury to my right hamstring and had to undergo the recovery process for 3 months without running.

After that incident, I only ran about 2 times in that year, only able to run 11 seconds with maximum effort. As an athlete, I always strive for increased performance, but I was disappointed and upset with my own performance no matter how hard I tried.

In early 2019, I underwent training as usual and for the whole year, my performance plateau at only 11.0 – 11.2 seconds. Although I continue with my usual high intensity training, I still could not run under 11 seconds. It was heart-wrenching to see that my performance is not improving.

Even my performance wasn’t improving, I persist to continue training on my own until I decided to change my training program and coach, this is when I met Tan Lee Guan. He was very friendly, approached me and we had some chit-chat. After that, he offered to give me a new training program and to be my new coach.

I was taken aback, but I eventually accepted him as my new coach and followed his training program. Prior to meeting Tan, my training program mainly focused on strength, power and speed endurance. Majority of my track work are speed endurance work. As a 100m sprinter, it hurts me to be training speed endurance day-in and day-out.

I told Tan about my old training program and he immediately said that I am doing it wrong. He proceeded to explain to me everything in details and simple to understand. He always motivate me to keep training hard and to never give up! He even gave me a new training program that’s highly individualised and specific to my performance goals.

After 4 months of training under Tan, I was shocked with my performance! I realised there was a drastic change in my fitness and performance. Subsequently, we did a time trial and it was shocking, I managed to run 10.38 seconds! I was really shocked by the timing and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I went on to compete at a national-level 100m competition and managed to run a time of 10.80 seconds! Even though I couldn’t win, it was one of the happiest day of my life! It was 2 years since I ran below 11 seconds! All this wouldn’t happen without Tan and his highly individualised and specific training program.

Even during Bulan Ramadhan, the fasting month, I didn’t train while fasting, but I am required to train at night. Tan’s training program suited to my busy schedule, I have classes in the morning up until evening. Tan told me no problem, then my training will be at night.

Tan’s training program really suit my goals, schedule and lifestyle. I hope he can help many more people to challenge themselves to improve their running performance.

Thank you Tan Lee Guan. I also thank God to be able to meet Tan Lee Guan because he was the one who coached and trained me to improve my performance drastically to shoot past by performance plateau.

Daniel Yusoff, Former National 100m Sprinter.