Stairs Running to Burn Fats and Lose Weight Quickly!

stairs running to lose weight
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Stairs running is a great workout to help you burn fats, lose weight quickly, build leg muscles, improve cardio and power! Stairs running is more effective than walking and running in burning calories!

You should strive to take the stairs not the escalator nor the elevator to keep yourself active while busy with your life or working. Gotta burn calories, not electricity!

Besides, stairs climbing or stairs running is a type of “low-impact” exercise and it is great for everyone who want to keep fit and stay active.

Stairs running is more convenient, more effective and softer on the joints compared to hill running.

Stairs Running Benefits

Burn Tons of Calories

Stairs running burn much more calories than usual walking and running. When you are climbing stairs, your body exert more force and working hard to propel yourself upwards onto the next step.

This in turns burn a ton of calories due to more work done and higher energy expenditure in comparison to walking and running.

You do not only burn a lot of calories, you are also burn calories much quicker within a given time frame, e.g., an hour of stairs running burned approximately 1000 calories.

When you burn more calories, you also burn fat and eventually lose weight quickly.

Improve and Build Leg Muscles

With stairs running, you are strengthening your glutes with every step you climb… Want to tone and build the lovely booty of yours eh?

Due to the fact that your body needs to exert more force to propel your body upwards on to the next step, your muscles are resisting the force of gravity.

stairs running to burn fat

Therefore, this puts a higher demand on your leg muscles with each step you are climbing. You can even climb two steps at a time to double the work done and calories burned.

Stairs climbing is “steeper” than hills and this will make hill running for you a piece of cake.

Low Impact Exercise

Stairs running is a type of low impact exercise unlike usual running. Stairs running is one of the best way to improve your lower body muscles without too much impact on your joints.

As your leg is propelling you upwards to move onto the next step, there’s much less shock, pressure and impact compared to usual running.

Improve VO2Max

Stairs climbing increases your heart rate and your breathing rate is increased dramatically, which eventually leads ta higher VO2Max.

VO2Max is the maximal oxygen uptake that you body can use during intense exercise. A higher VO2Max refers to a better cardiovascular fitness.


You can find a staircase basically anywhere, even in your house (if you have one), stadium, buildings, public places, recreational park, etc.

Buildings that have elevator usually have a staircase too! You should opt to take the staircase rather than the elevator.

Furthermore, you don’t need any special equipment or attire to do stair climbing. With normal workout attire and proper running shoes, you can burn tons of calories and lose weight quickly.

High Intensity Exercise

Stairs climbing is a high intensity exercise even if you are not running up. While walking upstairs also burn more calories than usual walking.

However, the major difference between stairs running and stairs walking is the speed you are climbing up.

The quicker you climb the stairs, the more energy you expend and vice versa. Therefore, you burn much more calories the more effort you put into climbing stairs.

Weather is NOT Your Enemy

Weather is not a problem for stairs climbers as you can climb stairs indoors. On the other hand, walkers and runners will be affected by the weather.

The only issue you will face is your sweat raining on you and you become soaking wet while stairs climbing. That’s what you want right? :p

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Incorporating Stairs Running into Your Exercise Routine

First and foremost, make sure you warm up properly before beginning any workout/exercise. If this is your first time, then take it easy and slowly.

You should always start slow and with the lowest intensity such as stairs running 10-15 mins in each session for three times a week.

Once you reached the top of the staircase, walk down as your rest period and then repeat.

Progressively increase the intensity (speed) and volume (duration) up to 45 mins for each stair climbing session. You should aim to increase about 5 mins per week.

These kind of sessions will improve your coordination and motor skill to climb stairs quicker without falling or miss-step.

Stairs climbing is a high intensity workout and it will be extremely tiring, but you gotta burn those stubborn fats if you want to lose weight quickly.

You can go for a run and then go for stairs running at the end of your usual running session, or vice versa. Why not do both to reap the benefits of both?

Climbing Stairs Two Steps at Once to Burn Even More Calories

Your muscles need to exert more force to climb two steps at once, therefore, you will burn even more calories than climbing a step with every step.

You should try to walk upstairs two steps at once prior to trying to run upstairs with two steps at once. Get yourself used to the longer and bigger stride first.

stairs running to burn calories

Be extra careful when you are climbing stairs two steps at once to prevent any possible risk of injuring yourself.

Also, try to mix and match your stairs running routine with one-step and two-steps routine.

Disadvantages of Stairs Climbing

Stairs climbing is a great exercise to improve cardio, burn fat and lose weight quickly, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

Disadvantages of stairs climbing:

  • It may cause muscle imbalance if you only do stairs climbing without other type of exercise.
  • It may not be suitable for overweight and obese people.
  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • High risk of injuries.

Don’t Climb Stairs Everyday

Stairs running is a high intensity exercise, don’t do it everyday, at best 3 times a week.

The duration of each sessions is dependent on your fitness level. If you are not that fit, you can climb stairs up to 30 mins in each sessions. If you are fit, strive for up to 60 mins in each session.

You need to let your body recover after every high intensity workout to prevent overtraining.

Stairs Running Precaution

  • Always warm up properly prior to any workout/exercise to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Start slowly and gradually.
  • If you are overweight or have knee problems, take it easy on yourself.
  • Be careful not to miss your step or fall down.
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