Why You Are Not Losing Weight While Working Out and Eating Right?

why you are not losing weight while working out and eating right
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After trying various ways to lose weight, somehow you don’t seem to be losing weight while working out and eating right. What could be the problem?

Somehow, you are doing everything right, but don’t seem to lose weight. You feel demotivated and stressed out that your efforts has gone to the drain without bearing any fruit.

Don’t worry, there are many reasons why you are not losing weight while working out and eating right.

Here are 6 common reasons why you are not losing weight while working out:

1. Calories Intake is Higher than Calories Expenditure

In simple words, you are eating more calories than you need on a daily basis or possibly calories intake = calories consumption, leading to no weight gain or loss.

You need to make sure your calories consumption is lower than calories expenditure to eventually see weight loss again.

calories in calories out

Consuming higher calories doesn’t mean you are eating more food, it means you are eating high-calories food such as nuts, chips, burger, pizza, ice cream, etc…

Try to reduce the consumption of high-calories food such as fried food, oily food, sugary drink & food and so on…

In the meantime, increase your protein and fiber intake, consume more white meat along with rice (amount is one fist), vegetables and fruits.

By doing this, you will still eat sufficient calories to function normally, feel fuller and your meal is filled with nutrients.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to fast or starve yourself. All you need to do is eat enough and skip those high-calories food.

If you choose and stick to the wrong diet plan, you will initially lose weight and then you don’t lose weight anymore. Because most diet plan don’t work!

I can help you with a nutritious and sustainable meal plan that you can eat 3-4 times a day and still lose weight, here’s how.

If you need to fast or starve yourself to lose weight, you are doing it wrong and you will end up binge eating instead.

Binge eating is a disorder whereby you uncontrollably eat a lot of food in a short period of time and feeling guilty about it.

2. Loss Body Fat and Gain Muscle Mass Instead

The misconception that females will bulk when you gain muscle mass is not true. Gaining muscle mass while burning fat will make you look more toned rather than bulky.

Example of an individual which has a loss in body fat, but gain in muscle:

not losing weight while working out

Don’t worry so much about gaining muscles, you won’t be bulky as shown by many fitness influencers, here’s why.

For your information:

  • Losing weight is losing water, muscle and fat.
  • Burning fat is only losing fat and a little water.

Besides, it is not necessary to go to a gym to gain muscles, here’s a simple yet effective body weight exercises you can do at home.

3. Hormonal Imbalance Problems

This is a problem mainly for females. When you have hormonal imbalance problems, it will cause your appetite and cravings to increase. Thus, you eat high-calories food, leading to weight gain instead.

exercise for women

A hectic and fast-paced environment could be one of the few reasons of hormonal imbalance problems.

Overcoming this problem takes time and patience, here’s how you can overcome it.

4. Not Sleeping Enough Every Night

Lack of sleep causes your body to be stressed out and it releases cortisol which causes you to have intense craving and you start to eat a lot of high-calories food, which leads to weight gain.

Try to sleep 6-8 hours every NIGHT at the same time and wake up at the same time the next day. You should also get a good quality bed for a quality sleep.

You must sleep enough every night, sleeping in the afternoon doesn’t count!

Importance of sleeping enough:

  1. Helps in weight loss and maintaining weight.
  2. Reduce stress and improves your mood.
  3. Lower your risk of getting health problems associated to lack of sleep.
  4. Improved productivity and coordination.
  5. Repair and recovery of muscles after workout.
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5. Weight Loss is Not a Journey, Weight Loss is a Gradual and Permanent Change to a Healthy Lifestyle

No doubt you can see a change in body shape and weight loss after 3-6 months only, but this won’t last as you tend to revert back to your pre-weight-loss routine and lifestyle.

Beyond that, you will most likely revert to your usual lifestyle and you start to gain weight again.

Most people, including you (I guess) thinks that weight loss is a journey whereby you aim to lose a certain amount of weight within a certain period of time.

This is a great target, however, if you are losing weight for a target rather than maintaining good health, can you really sustain it?

exercise to lose weight

You need to gradually change your lifestyle to adhere to a healthy meal plan and incorporate various type of exercises in your exercise routine.

Lose weight for your health, don’t lose weight just because you want to look good or impress others.

6. You Did Not Change Your Mindset to Lose Weight

You need to have the right mindset and a strong reason ‘why you want to lose weight, burn fat and stay healthy’. Otherwise, you will only do it for a short period before giving up.

When you didn’t change your mindset to lose weight, you will be burdened by the fact that you are working out and eating right just for the sake of doing it.

This affects you psychologically and eventually you will be stressed out, give up exercising and revert to your usual unhealthy lifestyle.

Set realistic SMART goals to have the right mindset to lose weight, burn fat, and staying healthy.

This weight loss pyramid shows the most important to least important factors for weight loss:

weight loss pyramid

Of course weight loss differs from every individuals, but I am sure with dedication, determination, perseverance, diligence and discipline, you will eventually see weight loss improvements.

Lastly, time will tell, slowly but surely you will see the difference of before and after you start a change in your lifestyle to lose weight.

What’s your experience on not losing weight while working out and eating right? Leave a comment below!

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