4 Best Hill Run Workout To Burn Stubborn Fats Quickly

hill run lose weight burn fat
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Hill run workout is an extremely effective workout to burn stubborn fats and lose weight quickly, that is if you know how to do a proper hill run workout.

It may sounds simple that you just run up hill and keep repeating it, but that’s doing things blindly and you may not achieve your weight loss goals.

Besides, hill run is also extremely good to build your cardio, strength, speed, strength endurance, speed endurance, power, power endurance and so on…

However, not everyone has access to a hill or slope, therefore, if you have a hill nearby your neighbourhood, consider yourself lucky to be able to do hill run workout.

You can do hill running, but take extra precaution… Hill running is extremely tough and challenging; the risk of injuries is also very high.

Do these 4 best hill run workout to burn fat and lose weight quickly:

1. Short Uphill Sprints

Short uphill sprints is one of the hardest hill run workout as you will be sprinting on a steeper slope than the other type of workout.

All you need to do is to mark 20-30m of the steepest part of the hill and sprint up as quick as possible.

Doing this workout burn tons of calories, burn those stubborn fats along with building leg muscles, improve power and running speed.

Before you begin any hill run workout, make sure you warm up sufficiently to prevent pain and injuries!

Here’s a short video on how to warm up for runnners:

Choose one desired workout routine and try to complete it with max effort in each reps.

If you are feeling too tired and fatigue, rest more between sets.

Short Uphill Sprint Sample Workout Routine:
Written as reps x sets x distance, intensity, rest duration.

  1. 4x3x15m @ 95%, walk down rest, 3 mins set rest.
  2. 3x3x20m @ 95%, walk back rest, 4 mins set rest.
  3. 2x3x25m @ 95%. walk back rest, 5 mins set rest.
  4. 3x2x30m @ 95%, walk back rest, 6 mins set rest.

2. Long Uphill Sprints

Long uphill sprints is similar to short uphill sprints, but this time you will be sprinting uphill for a longer distance.

This workout is extremely effective to burn your stubborn fats, but it maybe too tough and challenging for you.

hill run lose weight burn fat

You may experience muscle burning and you will be quite fatigue after each reps, don’t worry about it, just take more rest if you need it. Don’t force yourself to the point of injuries or harming yourself in the process.

Remember this is a sprint, i.e., you need to sprint uphill with fast and controlled effort from the start to the end. The key point here is sprint…

Long Uphill Sprint Sample Workout Routine:

  1. 6–10 reps, 60–80m @ 90%, 8 mins rest.
  2. 4–8 reps, 80–100m @ 90%, 9 mins rest.
  3. 3–6 reps, 100-120m @ 90%, 10 mins rest.
  4. 2–4 reps, 120–150m @ 90%, 12-15 mins rest.

The rest time looks damn long, but trust me, when you are extremely fatigue with burning legs, then you want it to be longer. No longer rest, strictly what I stated.

If you can do this long uphill sprints workout with less rest or more reps than what I have stated, then it means you are not even sprinting 90%

That % is not effort, it is % of your fastest sprint timing of that set distance.

For example, you can sprint 100m all-out in 15 seconds… Sprinting 90% will then be 16.5 seconds…

Brutal, yet extremely effective to burn a lot of calories.

3. Long Slow Uphill Run

Okayy… If you are looking for a hill run workout that’s not that hard and not that easy, then long slow uphill run could be the best workout for you!

This hill run workout is a great workout and is suitable for beginners.

I don’t mean suitable for complete beginners, make sure you have been doing 2-3 months of base building before attempting hill training!

hill run lose weight burn fat

Long slow uphill run is not literally slow jog uphill, it means that you run uphill at a comfortably hard pace.

Your comfortably hard pace is the pace you can maintain from start to end of each reps and still able to complete the workout, tired but not dead tired.

Since everyone is unique, you need to trial and error yourself to find your own comfortably hard pace.

Long Slow Uphill Run Sample Workout Routine:

  1. 8–12 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 80–150m @ 80%, walk back rest.
  2. 6–10 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 150–250m @ 80%, walk back rest.
  3. 3-4 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 300m or more @ 80%, walk back rest.
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4. Uphill Lunges

This is a special mention hill run workout that you can do. Yes, not all hill run workout means you must literally run uphill, you can do uphill lunges as an alternative to uphill running.

Lunges itself is a great workout to build legs strength, now you are doing walking lunges uphill! It is time for you to feel the extra burn!!

Uphill lunges is significantly harder and is more demanding than the usual lunges.

On the flip side, it is softer and easier on the joints but more demanding on your muscles – wanna burn fat and build muscles aite…?

Here’s a short video of uphill walking lunges:

Of course it is not necessary to hold a dumbbells as shown in the video above, you can do uphill lunges without any weights.

It is much tougher than the usual lunges, be careful not to hurt yourself in the process.

Doing uphill lunges requires great form and technique. Don’t do this if you are not familiar with normal lunges.

Uphill Lunges Sample Workout Routine:

  1. 8-10 reps up a moderate hill/slope of 15-20m, walk back rest.
  2. 6-8 reps up a moderate hill/slope of 20-25m, walk back rest.
  3. 4-6 reps up a moderate hill/slope of 25-30m, walk back rest.

Try not to stop while doing uphill lunges, stop only when you reached the top. You know yourself better, rest more if needed.

Once you are done with your hill run workout, don’t forget to cool down and do full body static stretching.

You can walk and jog for 5-10 mins to cool down and then start doing full body static stretching.

Here’s a short video of full body stretching for runners:

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