Herbalife Terms & Conditions

This page includes a few things to keep in mind while visiting this site regarding Herbalife products, weight loss or weight gain claims/testimonials, the business opportunity, registering as a member, etc.

By reading or using this website, you indicate your full acceptance and agreement with the following Herbalife terms, conditions and disclaimers. If you do not accept, please do not use this website.

Tan Lee Guan shall simply be referred to as Sloth To Flash or as “Company” “Website” “us” “I” or “we” for simplicity, but these policies apply to all titles by which he is referred.

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Registering as a Member Under Tan Lee Guan

By registering under Tan Lee Guan you agree and consent to the following terms & conditions:

If you are already registered with another coach, you MAY NOT register with me. Once you are registered with me, I will become your designated coach and sponsor. If you want to switch to another coach after registering with me, it’s important that you know switching sponsors is ultimately up to Herbalife’s discretion. Additional forms will need to be filled out and signed by you, me, the other coach and a notary. In addition, I will need to charge you an admin fee of up to $500 to cover me for my time and any fees I incur from the notary. That being said, be sure you want me to be your coach before you register.

If you choose to register as a Herbalife Independent Distributor and do the business you also agree to get on the products yourself and get your own results. Doing this will help you learn how the products work so you are better able to help others get their own results. After registering, please be sure to fill out the online health evaluation survey I email to you. If, after multiple attempts, I cannot connect with you, I may reach out to Herbalife directly to flag your membership.

In addition, you absolutely MAY NOT sign up as a Herbalife Independent Distributor under me and sell Herbalife products on Amazon, eBay, or any auction site. The Herbalife policy strictly prohibits this and doing so may terminate your membership privileges. Products are only to be sold from your Herbalife online store or from MyHerbalife.com, which is coupled with personal coaching, guidance and support. If you do not intend to follow Herbalife’s ethical code, please do not register as a member under me. Thank you.

Herbalife Disclaimers

Weight Loss Claims

It is recommended that consumers consult a physician before making changes in their diet.

A healthy diet, combined with Herbalife® products and regular exercise are part of a complete weight-management program. Herbalife® products alone are not the sole reason for weight loss.

Everyone’s body is different, so the rate of weight loss varies from one person to another.

An extensive questionnaire generated responses from more than 200 U.S. Herbalife Independent Distributors about their weight-loss programs and results. They reported weight loss ranging from 4 pounds to 167 pounds and a reduced body mass index (BMI) of 1.5 points to 24.1 points, suggesting that consumption of Herbalife® products is associated with weight loss and improvement in BMI in those ranges.

Structure/Function Claims

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Earnings/Lifestyle Claims

Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compliance for Supervisors at Herbalife.com and MyHerbalife.com.

Home-Based Business Claims

I am a Herbalife Distributor, which means I am self-employed (independent contractor). I do not claim, represent or imply that I am employed by, speak for, or provide any kind of consulting services to Herbalife or that the Herbalife business is a job.

It’s important to know that results may vary and are dependent upon an individual’s efforts.

Product Claims

It’s recommended that the consumer consult a doctor before making changes to his/her diet – especially if the consumer is under current medical treatment!

Do understand that balanced nutrition is key to overall good health.

Herbalife has leading scientists and experts on the Nutrition Advisory Board and as part of the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, including international nutrition expert David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., Nobel* Laureate in Medicine, Lou Ignarro, Ph.D., and highly acclaimed physician and nutrition specialist Luigi Gratton, M.D.

We develop products that meet the needs for balanced nutrition through ongoing research at our Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at UCLA†, the University of Mississippi, and our own product and science center in Los Angeles. Remember, though, that these institutions do not endorse Herbalife® products, and you should not refer to them in marketing products or the business opportunity.

Herbalife commissions clinical studies at universities and research organizations around the world, and its manufacturing facility has the highest testing standards and quality assurance procedures in place.