Get Off the Couch, to Lose Weight

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First things first, everyone wants to lose weight regardless of age and sex.

However, losing weight will not come easy as I believe in the saying: what comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.

I know the process of losing weight can be arduous and daunting, especially if you have never exercise before.

To lose weight, it is not about just blindly following a diet plan or an exercise program, you need to know how to do it the effective way.

I am sure it is hard for you to even try to exercise or you have been exercising but not seeing any positive results.

But did you know that it could be you are doing it the wrong way.

Besides, you will eventually lose motivation and confidence when you are trying so hard and seeing no results.

To enlighten you, exercise doesn’t actually make you lose weight; exercise and a healthy diet are more effective instead.

Getting off the couch in itself is not gonna lose weight.

You need to put in the effort to exercise and follow a healthy diet plan to eventually lose weight.

Losing weight is a long-term process, slowly but surely!

So what does weight loss mean?

To understand the concept of weight loss maybe too complex for you.

Therefore, I will describe weight loss in terms of bank accounts for easier understanding:

  1. Current account – this account can be referred to your current weight.
  2. Savings account – this account can be referred to the weight that you can lose easily with little effort in change of lifestyle.
  3. Fixed deposit account – this account is the hard one and it can be referred to the weight you must go beyond your comfort zone to lose it.
weight loss

This means that you will actually see an instant weight loss results even just a few days running as it is you are losing the savings account weight.

Always remember to gradually start exercising and if you have any problems and/or unbearable pain, please consult your local physician.

If you start exercising suddenly, it will have an impact to you mentally and physically because you have been a couch potato and now you have decided to get up and go for a run or begin exercising.

Having thoughts to actually start exercising might be daunting and intimidating.

Always start slow, sloth and steady.

couch potato

It is always easy to say than to do, i.e., telling yourself that you want to go for an exercise later on or tomorrow, but instead you did not do it.

To actually start doing, is to NOT procrastinate at all; do it now and never later!

Why do I need to get off the couch?

A sedentary lifestyle is the precursor for many health-related problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Getting off the couch doesn’t magically lose your weight, you need to start exercising and following a healthy diet plan!

couch exercises to lose weight

You might be thinking I am happy and comfortable with watching netflix and chill everyday in front of my computer and I have no problems.

Obesity and overweight is a cause of concern for your own health.

Take care of your health as soon as possible before you need to fork out huge sum of money for your medical bills.

Don’t forget that health-related problems don’t occur overnight. It is the accumulation of your bad habits throughout the months, years and even decades before it even occur, by then it is TOO LATE.

What kind of exercises can I do?

As a beginner, there are various exercises that you can do; this ranges from home exercise, walking, weight training, jogging, hiking, hill runs, cycling, swimming and the list goes on.

If you have a busy and tight schedule, then home exercises are a great alternative.

Exercise doesn’t mean you have to push yourself to your limits, you just need to get yourself moving.

This even includes couch exercises to lose weight for couch potato like you!

Couch Exercises To Lose Weight

If you exercise frequently and are looking for a full-body couch exercises to lose weight with higher intensity.

Then the video below is suitable for you, you only need 10 minutes to do these exercises and you can do it on your couch.

C’mon! Get up and do these exercises now!

High Intensity Couch Exercises To Lose Weight

You don’t need to worry about what kind of exercise you should do, as any form of exercise is more than sufficient.

If you are interested in running, then you should go for a run instead. Furthermore, running is a great way to lose weight if done properly.

Get a pair of good running shoes and you are good to go, but you can’t just grab any running shoes.

You’d be surprise at how important a good pair of running shoes in preventing pain and injuries.

A good pair of running not only prevent injuries, it also reduces the impact on your joints.

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How to overcome my laziness?

Many people including YOU are finding it hard to overcome your laziness to even GET YOURSELF moving from the couch.

You are wondering why should I even exercise? Why should I even lose weight? I am better off this way.

Don’t get me wrong, you have all the rights to do what you want and how you like it.

You should not lose weight just to impress others, DO IT for YOURSELF.

The way to overcome your laziness is to begin with baby steps to change your daily lifestyle.

If you are thinking of exercising, start slowly and gradually. Get the feel of exercise before you increase the intensity.

Next, you need some motivation. Set some short-term goals and long-term goals for yourself to achieve.

Example, your short-term goal could be “I will exercise at least 30 mins, twice a week.”

Your long-term goal could be “I aim to lose 15 kg within 3 months.”

By setting goals to achieve, you are motivating yourself to do what you want to do for the day.

Furthermore, once you achieve your goals, please do reward yourself! This could come in any form; food, travel, etc.

Are you ready to start running and lose weight?
Subscribe to receive a free 8-weeks training plan for you to start running and begin your weight loss journey!
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Bottom Line..

It is crucial to begin exercising as it is one of the best way to be healthy and keep fit.

Leave your sedentary lifestyle, begin your healthy lifestyle.

Just by being active, you will have an increase sense of well-being and happiness.

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