Fun and Easy Beginners Workouts for Runners

easy beginners workouts
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Exercising and working out may sound daunting to beginners. Don’t worry, easy workouts for beginners are great choices when you are just starting out.

A lot of runners tend to keep running only without incorporating simple workout to improve your overall strength.

Stronger leg and core muscles can help boost your running performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

easy beginners workouts

Runners can’t be running all the time only.

Running alone won’t cut the chase to improve your fitness and overall strength.

Here are some fun and easy beginners workouts for runners:

1. Squats

Squats is a great exercise to work your whole body, especially your lower limbs! Your core is also engaged and used throughout each repetition.

2. Knee Push-Ups

Push ups – ahhh the most basic exercise to strengthen your upper limbs and upper body along with your core!

It basically work your whole body (including legs!!). Keep doing knee push-ups until you can do a full push-ups.

3. Plank

Plank is an isometric (static) core exercise and it is a good exercise to strengthen your core.

Try it for a minute (if you can?) and feel the burn!! It burns more than eating chili…. Make sure your hips don’t sink!

4. Bridges

Bridges – ever wanted to make a bridge? – is a great exercise to work on your back muscles, booty muscles and hamstrings (posterior chain muscles).

5. Crunches Hands Slide to Knee

Crunches Hands Slide to Knee is to strengthen your upper abs muscles and is the simplest way to know how much you need to “come up” during each repetition.

By the way, crunches is way better than sit ups.. Sit ups is extremely bad for your lower back and can cause lower back pain.

6. Superman

Superman mainly work your back muscles, booty muscles and hamstring muscles (posterior chain muscles).

Finally you can become superman eh?

Do I need an exercise mat to do the exercises?

A yoga or exercise mat is not necessary and is up to your own preference.

However, while doing the exercises and if it hurts your joints or bones, etc.. Then you should buy and use a yoga mat or exercise mat while exercising.

easy beginners workouts

I recommend getting a thick exercise/yoga mat as it provides much better cushion compared to a thin mat.

Besides, it is crucial that you do any and every exercise(s) with proper technique and form to reduce the risk of pain and injuries!!

Fun and Easy Beginners Workouts & Exercise Routine for Runners

The six exercises suggested above are out of the many different exercises you can do.

However, I suggested those six exercises because it basically strengthen most of your lower body, core and and upper body muscles required as a runner.

Do the exercises without weights, just your own bodyweight will do.

If you are not a beginner, then this workout routine may or may not be useful for you.

If you are beginner, then keep on reading!

Before starting any exercise, remember to always warm up!

Warm up is extremely important in preventing pain and injuries while preparing your muscles for the workout.

Here’s a 5 minute full body warm up video to get your body ready to start exercising:

So you are done with your warm up, now let’s get started with the exercise routine!

Easy Beginners Workout Routine for Runners

  • Squats – 20 repetitions.
  • Crunches – 12 repetitions.
  • Bridges – 15 repetitions.
  • Push Ups – 10 repetitions.
  • Plank – 20 seconds hold.

Do these exercises for at least four circuits.

Meaning you will do each exercises in succession without any rest in between – yup, brutal and tough.

Note: If you are unable to complete four circuits, you can either take a short break or just stop completely.

Why do you even think of stopping? Keep going and don’t give up!!

Circuit training is to help you build muscles, overall strength and improve your fitness level.

Benefits of Easy Workouts

Every exercise and workout routine should start from the easiest and gradually increase the intensity/volume over time.

Nobody start out as the best.

Everybody start from zero and work hard to be the best.

These easy workout helps you to create good habits of exercising which can lead to significant weight loss and improvement in running performance.

Besides, doing easy workouts also helps alleviate stress, improve mood, and reduce risk of health problems.

Additional Tips for Beginners

Do you ever feel so lazy and unmotivated to workout?

Ask yourself, what are your goals of working out…?

Heck man! Why do you even run?

Yes, no doubt that working out can be a chore, boring and too tough for you.

This is why you need to clearly define your goals for running and working out.

If you don’t have a purpose in what you are doing, can you really keep doing what you are doing?

Or will you give up eventually…?

I know it is not easy to follow an exercise routine, but nothing is impossible!

If you are running to lose weight, then that’s your BIG WHY to achieve. Even after achieving it, you can’t stop running/working out.

Image Credit: PostHood

If you stop exercising after achieving your ‘target weight,’ you will gain weight again.

Weight loss and staying healthy is a lifelong process, you need to consistently exercise and follow a healthy meal plan throughout your life.

Weight loss is not a journey, weight loss is a permanent change of lifestyle!


  • Get medical help immediately if you have any unbearable pain in your chest, lungs, heart, or head.
  • Consult your local physician before beginning any exercise/workout program.
  • If the workout gets too tough, no harm to take extra rest time before continuing it.
  • Muscle sore may occur the next day and should last 2-4 days only; if it lasts beyond 7 days, it means the workout is too intense for you.
  • If you feel any sudden sharp pain or pulling sensation and alike, do consult your local physiotherapist for further diagnosis.
  • Pain is an indicator that your body is telling you something is wrong (if any).
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