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Sloth To Flash does not offer training plan that you can find for free on the internet. I believe every individual is unique, with your own strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, schedule and goals.

You deserve more than a standardised training plan to help you run to lose weight. As your awesome running coach, I personally work with you to tailor-made your training plan and meal plan based on your needs, strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, schedule and goals.

Why do you need a tailor-made training plan instead of a standardised training plan?

  1. You are a unique individual, what works for others, may not work for you.
  2. A standardised training plan doesn’t address your individual problems such as hormonal problems and low metabolism rate.
  3. Someone is there to help you go through the ups and downs of your weight loss journey.
  4. Full emotional and motivational support throughout your weight loss journey.

To help you achieve your weight loss goals, I provide tailor-made training plan and meal plan specifically for you, your needs and also suited to your fitness level to maximise your potential to lose weight while preventing pain and injuries.

Sometimes, running only can be dull and mundane, don’t worry about it! I’ve got you covered to make sure your weight loss journey is fun and enjoyable!

On the other hand, Googling for information is free, but it can be extremely confusing when you are not sure what you are reading and how to implement it the correct way.

I have vast knowledge and coaching experience in running and weight loss, and I will explain the details and purpose of running and losing weight as simple as A-B-C to clarify all your confusion.

I am here to answer all your running and weight loss queries and clear your confusion.

Before we go further in-depth, you need to acknowledge these:

  1. Communication is key – talk or ask me anything, tell me how you feel, ask me what you don’t understand, ask anything.
  2. You must be results and goal oriented – you need to be open to try new things and/or flexible to adjust your workout accordingly, you cannot be rigid nor stubborn.
  3. It won’t be an overnight journey – changes to your body won’t be instant, it will take months to see any positive results.
  4. Your mindset is crucial for your progress – stop thinking from “But I… or I think…” to “I can do it!”.
  5. You need to put in the hard work – you must fight through your laziness.
  6. To successfully lose weight, it must be a change in lifestyle – your weight loss journey doesn’t stop when the training plan ends, you have to maintain the new lifestyle all the way!
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I understand that you are quite busy trying to manage your time between work, family, travel, being lazy at times and end up feeling too tired to workout.

As your awesome running coach, I strive to help you run and lose weight all while you are juggling between your work, family and personal life. My tailor-made training plan has a specific purpose based on YOU, your needs, goals, lifestyle and schedule.

I will also optimise and design the tailor-made training plan to suit your lifestyle and make sure you don’t experience burnout.

I won’t let you go through the ups and downs alone, I will be with you to provide emotional and motivational support along with providing crucial feedback throughout your weight loss journey.

“Everyone needs a coach, we all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Bill Gates, 2013.

Besides, I have experience in working with people of all ages; I believe in the concept that you are never too old nor too young to begin your weight loss journey.

It is not whether can it be done, it is whether YOU WANT TO DO IT.

Before we begin, these are what you can expect from hiring me as your running coach:

  1. Tailor-made training plan – suited to you, your needs, lifestyle, goals and schedule.
  2. Tailor-made meal plan – according to your likes, dislikes and cravings.
  3. Guidance on running form and technique.
  4. Prevention and rehabilitation of pain and injuries.
  5. Strength and conditioning.
  6. Strong emotional and motivational support.
  7. Someone with you throughout your weight loss journey.

Are YOU Ready to Run Your Waistline Away?

Running to lose weight takes time; initially, you may see some weight loss, but it will take several months to see huge improvements. I recommend you strive for at least six (6) months commitment.

I can help you run your waistline away and I have a special promo for the first ten (10) members and you will get 20% discount for your desired membership plan. Use promo code WELCOME on checkout and enjoy your 20% discount*.

Running To Lose Weight Coaching Plans:

Baby Sloth

-> Tailor-made training plan
-> Meal guidance
-> Weekly coaching feedback
-> Weekly progress log
-> Unlimited email communication
-> Pain and injuries prevention
-> Running form and technique
-> Someone to be with you throughout your weight loss journey
-> 7 days money-back guaranteed

Amazing Sloth

-> Tailor-made training plan
-> Tailor-made meal plan
-> Daily coaching feedback
-> Daily progress log
-> Unlimited email communication
-> Live chat and live video calls
-> Access to premium content
-> Pain and injuries prevention
-> Running form and technique
-> Someone to be with you throughout your weight loss journey
-> 7 days money-back guaranteed

If you are not sure which coaching plan is suitable for you, you should sign up as a free member now to schedule a free consultation with me prior to any payment.

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Is Sloth To Flash Online Coaching Really Worth The Cost?

Many people misunderstood that you need to achieve a certain “standard” before getting an online coach. When in reality, you should get an online coach as early as possible to help and guide you through your weight loss journey without any issues.

You may lose motivation to keep working out and restricting your diet to pursue your weight loss journey because you were left all alone. Don’t worry, we will always be by your side throughout your weight loss journey.

Our competitors are charging as high as $500 per training plan, which isn’t individualised to you, your needs, goals, schedule and fitness level.

Our charges are inclusive of the tailor-made training plan and meal plan based on a monthly basis, which we recommend at least six (6) months commitment to see huge positive improvements.

Furthermore, in-person personal trainers are charging between $60-$150 per hour based on experience level, location and facilities. If you train with them in a gym twice per week, you are paying more than $1000/month.

Many of these training plan and workout plan don’t address you as a unique individual, provide any meal plan nor provide strong emotional and motivational support to you when you need it – yes, you need it.

You are more likely to lose weight and maintain your weight loss journey if:

  • A meal plan is built and crafted specifically to your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and food craving(s).
  • A training plan that’s specifically designed to your specific goals, needs, schedule and lifestyle.
  • A passionate and experienced coach that is responsible and knows you better than you know yourself.

Figuring out the perfect training plan to lose weight can be mind-blowing. We will do all the planning and guiding, all you need to do is to follow the tailor-made training plan.

You don’t need to worry about planning your training, tracking and gauging your progress, etc… We will do that for you. We will help and guide you from start to end.

Alternatively, if you already have a weight loss plan or training plan, but you need the guidance of a coach or have questions you need answered? We offer paid live WhatsApp calls or live video calls for $30/30 minutes.

About Your Awesome Running Coach

tan lee guan

Hello there!
My name is Tan Lee Guan.

I am your awesome running coach to help you run faster, lose weight, and stay healthy with training tips and tailor-made training plan.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science (Sports Rehabilitation), and I represented my university to state- and national-level athletics competitions.

Besides, I have four years of experience coaching and training beginners, lazy people, sprinters, middle- and long-distance runners to achieve their running and weight loss goals. Read more here.