8-Weeks Beginner Running Plan for Weight Loss

beginner running plan weight loss
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Are you looking for a simple yet effective beginner running plan to lose weight?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Running is an effective way to burn tons of calories to lose weight, but if you have never ran before, then extra care needs to be taken into consideration.

You don’t want to run yourself to a long-list of running injuries.

This 8-weeks running plan is to help beginners run your waistline away without getting any injuries.

Are you getting excited to get started? Let’s hop on!

Preparations Before the Run

Do wear a comfortable shirt and shorts along with a good pair of running shoes. A good pair of running shoes can prevent injuries.

On top of that, ALWAYS warm up before you start running.

Warming up is greatly important to prevent potential injuries and prepare your body for the physical activity you are going to do.

Do a proper 5-10 mins warm up and you are ready to get going.

Here’s an example of a 5 mins warm up:

Once your are done with warm up, it’s time to get started!

Let’s Get Started!

You don’t need to get started fast and quick, use the walk-and-run method!

The walk-and-run method is essentially running for a short period and continue walking as your rest period.

You don’t need to force yourself and run until out of breath.

Take it easy on yourself!

The goal of this program is to help you run your waistline away with small, consistent effort, not big leaps!

Running doesn’t require any technical understanding and it’s convenient, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.

Running is a high impact exercise, thus, your body has to adapt to the demands of running before you can keep pushing yourself.

8-Weeks Beginner Running Plan for Weight Loss

This running plan will help you to burn those stubborn belly fat along with improving your fitness.

However, if you can run 60 mins and longer, then this is not for you!

Experienced runners who would like to up their game should focus on other types of running such as sprint workout, fartlek runs, hill runs and tempo runs.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 1

You should get started with the walk-and-run method.

Always warm up before running!!

Do a 30 mins walk-and-run, at least for 5 days in the week.

The best way you can break down the 30 mins is to run for 2 mins and then walk for 1 min, 10 sets (2+1 x 10 sets = 30 mins).

There’s no problem with running 1 min and walking for 2 mins as well.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 2

So after running for a week, you should start to feel some soreness (not necessary) and tension in your muscles.

Here in week 2, you should aim for continuous running of up to 15 mins at a time.

You are still doing the walk-and-run method, but this time running for much longer and walking only after 15 mins of running.

Do 15 mins running, 3 mins walking for 3 sets.


Do 10 mins running, 2 walking, 5 mins running, 1 min walking for 3 sets.

Make sure you are running at least 5 days a week!

Beginner Running Plan – Week 3

Now it’s time to incorporate some extra fun into your runs.

Does home bodyweight workout scare you? – No? That’s great, it’s time to sprinkle some bodyweight workout into your runs.

Day 1 – For every 5 mins of running, stop and do 10 squats, then continue running.

Day 2 – Try to run up to 30 mins without stopping.

Day 3 – For every 5 mins of running, stop and do 10 jumping jacks, then continue running.

Day 4 – Repeat either day 1 or day 3’s workout.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 4

This is the ‘easy’ running week to recharge your “batteries.”

The workout for the week would be similar to Week 1, but slightly higher volume.

Don’t worry about it. You are much stronger and fitter at this point!

Do a 60 mins walk and run method, at least 5 days a week.

You can try for 75 mins workout, but don’t push yourself too hard!

This easy week is to let your body recover before the next push.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 5

After having some much needed ‘rest’ in Week 4, it’s time to add some spice!

So you have been doing walk-and-run method, this time you will be doing Fartlek running whereby you run fast and then jog as rest.

Running fast doesn’t mean you run so quick until you are exhausted.

It simply means, running faster than your comfortable running pace.

Two ways you can do Fartlek runs:

  1. Run fast to the tree, jog to the next lamp post, accelerate, jog to the intersection, run quickly around the block.
  2. Run fast for 3-4-4-5-6 minutes with 2 minutes jogging recovery in between each fast segment.

Just repeat until you are exhausted.

Do Fartlek runs 2 times a week only.

The other days, go ahead with 30-45 mins continuous running.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 6

Sore legs? Sore lungs? No? Yes?


Gotta burn those stubborn fats away!

Week 6 is basically similar to Week 5’s workout.

Try to add a little more volume (+10%) compared to Week 5’s workout.

This is to allow your body to cope with the higher intensity run before we progress to the following weeks.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 7

I hope you are ready for some extra fun!

Now it’s time to kickstart hill running into your workout to burn those stubborn fats. Spicy eh?

Hill run workout:

  1. 6-10 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 80-120m, walk down rest.
  2. 4-6 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 150–250m, walk down rest.
  3. 3-4 reps up a moderate slope/hill of 300m, walk down rest

Running speed is similar to how you did the Fartlek runs.

Do this workout only once a week from Week 7 onwards.

Furthermore, strive to run 60 mins continuous running 3 times a week.

Do bodyweight workout running once a week.

Beginner Running Plan – Week 8

Congrats on reaching Week 8! You are amazing!

Week 8 is a little special; do Fartlek runs, hill runs, bodyweight workout runs, 60 mins continuous running and stairs running once in a week.

For stairs running, you need a flight of staircase (obviously!) and run up one step at a time – be careful not to fall.

Start with doing stairs running up to 20 mins or longer, rest is walking down.

You can try running up two steps at once for the extra burn.

Beginner Running Tips

Remember to always warm up and cool down before and after running, respectively.

It’s always tempting to skip on warming up or cooling down, but don’t do that because it increases the risk of injuries.

Besides, try not to run too fast. It’s easy to overestimate your abilities.

You know yourself better, just keep the running pace within your limits while being not too comfortable.

In addition, side stitch is common among beginner runners, don’t worry about it, slow down or stop if the pain becomes unbearable.

Once your body gets used to it, you won’t have any problem with it anymore.

Lastly, don’t run with an empty stomach, have a meal 2-3 hours before your run.

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