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Ever wanted to run to lose weight or tried running faster, but failed?
Don’t worry! Sloth To Flash can help you overcome your problem.

Sloth To Flash aims to be the source of best and insightful advice for beginners, intermediate overweight and obese people, also sloths (you!) to start running, lose weight and stay healthy:

-> You want to lose weight, burn fat and stay healthy? – Checked!

-> No matter what you do and how hard you try, you don’t seem to be losing weight? – Checked!

-> You want to run to lose weight? – Checked!

-> You desire to run faster 5 km? – Checked!

-> You want to go from nothing to running 5 km? – Checked!

-> Helping you go from a lazy sloth on a couch to running like flash. – Checked!

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What is Sloth To Flash?

Sloth To Flash was founded in late 2019 and aims to be the source of best and insightful advice for beginners, intermediate overweight and obese people, also sloths (you!) to start running, lose weight and stay healthy.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a unique and fun experience for you to start running, run faster, lose weight and stay healthy.

I’m here to help you run faster than sloth, shed some pounds quickly, burn those stubborn tummy fats and exercise the fun way.

Being a sloth on a couch your whole life will be intimidating for you to suddenly start your running and weight loss journey.

couch potato

You don’t need to be intimidated with the vast information and knowledge in the running, weight loss and fitness world

Here at Sloth To Flash, I will explain everything infused with jokes, sarcasm and satire to clear up your confusion to the point even sloths can understand.

I will help you overcome your fears to start exercising, to keep going when exercise is tough, and make sure you never give up when it hurt the most.

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If you want to run faster, lose weight, and improve your overall fitness, then you have come to the right place to get started.

Taking small baby steps, even moving slow like sloth will eventually lead to a big positive change in your usual sloth and couch potato lifestyle.

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Fret not! you can also run to lose weight, to improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall health. No matter how busy you are, there’s always time to do some exercise.

Next time try running like Naruto, it greatly reduces wind resistance and increases running speed… Nahhh, I am kidding, don’t run like that.

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If you are not into running, you can even jump into a swimming pool and enjoy swimming to lose weight.

When you are starting your running and weight loss journey, it is crucial to take care of yourself to prevent pain and injuries. This is why warm up and cool down is berry important!

If you skip your warm up and cool down session, you may suffer various injuries such as runner’s knee, ITB syndrome, shin splints and ankle sprain.

Heck man! Even wearing a wrong pair of shoes can be the cause of pain and injuries. Getting a good pair of shoes is like getting a good set of tyres for your lovely car.

nike running shoes

It is crucial to get a good pair of shoes prior to exercising.

An inappropriate set of tyres can be a safety hazard on the road, similarly a wrong pair of shoes can be the cause of many injuries.

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Why Sloth To Flash?

As a Sports Rehabilitation therapist, an experienced runner whom actively participated in state- and national-level athletics competitions in a span of more than 10 years and four years experience in coaching weight loss, I have what it takes to help you begin your running and weight loss journey without pain and injuries.

tan lee guan

Besides, I successfully nurtured and trained a 100m male sprinter to break his 100m personal best after a year of performance plateau.

After undergoing four months of highly individualised training plan, his personal best improved from 11.20 -> 10.38. You can read more on his testimonial here.

I also have experience in training and coaching beginners, sprinters, middle- and long-distance runners to achieve their running and weight loss goals.

Furthermore, I think differently and don’t always follow conventional wisdom, if a different approach works, then there is no harm to try it.

You may see running and weight loss improvements, but others may not see any changes. This can be disappointing and a huge put off as you are not sure why you did not lose weight.

Every single person on the globe is different from one another, therefore, what works for you doesn’t mean will work for others.

sloth to flash

This is where Sloth To Flash can help! I can help you achieve your running and weight loss goals without pain and injuries.

I am a passionate and individual-focused coach to help you go through the ups and downs of your weight loss journey together! I won’t let you be alone and you will always have me by your side!

To achieve your running goals, I provide tailor-made training plan and meal plan specifically for you, your needs and also suited to your fitness level.

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Who is Tan Lee Guan?

tan lee guan

I am a Sports Rehabilitation therapist, running & weight loss coach, blogger, fast runner, and I bench press heavier than your squat.

My qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science (Sports Rehabilitation) with Honours.
  • Represented my university to state- and national-level athletics competitions.
  • Sprint coach for my university’s athletics club.
  • Strength & conditioning coach for my university’s athletics club.
  • Represented my high school to state-level athletics competitions.
  • Founder and 1st Term President of UPSI Esports Club.

During my high school years, I was a middle-distance & long-distance runner with above average personal best time and won the ‘Best Sportsman Award’ and ‘Overall Sportsman Award’.

During my university years, I was a 100m and 400m sprinter with above average personal best time.

And this is me!

tan lee guan

Lastly, I am an advocate of a fit and healthy lifestyle. A small change in your daily habit can lead to a healthy and happy life for many years to come!

Want to reach out and connect with me? You can connect with me at Facebook, Instagram and Quora.

Field of Interests

  • Weight Loss.
  • Running & Fitness.
  • Gaming & Esports.
  • Pain & Injuries Rehabilitation.


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