6 Best Motivations to Keep Running When Tired

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Running is the simplest form of exercise, but it can get tough and painful. I was once a beginner runner, I know how you feel and I know how tough it is.

Infact, as a competitive runner, it will only get tougher and more painful instead of “easier”. The run itself gets easier as I become more adapted to it, but my training is brutal and challenging.

Motivation basically means your willingness and desire to do something that you like. For example, my motivation to keep running is to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

tan lee guan staying motivated to keep running

It is crucial to stay motivated to keep running when the running gets tough (it will!). The motivation to keep running isn’t just about just telling yourself that you can do it. If it is so simple, everyone will be a runner.

I have been running competitively for more than 10 years and I have went through many ups and downs. Going through the downs can be intimidating as you will begin to lose motivation to run.

Not telling or asking you to be a competitive runner, but these are some motivations for you to keep running:

Never give up, never surrender!!

Running is not easy, even a slow jog can get you out of breath and panting real hard. But think again, are you gonna stop just because you are tired?? Or are you gonna stop once you are done!?

Why do you even run if you are going to give up and stop once it gets tiring? If you push yourself when it is tough, you will surely get extremely tired, running with burning legs (hot hot!!) and possibly feeling nauseous.

You only improve your fitness by pushing yourself beyond your limit, just keep running and don’t stop when you are tired.

The phrase “no pain, no gain” applies here, if you are tired and in pain, you gotta keep going to improve yourself. No matter what, just KEEP SWI– RUNNING!

staying motivated to keep running

In a competition years ago, I literally have to pushed myself beyond my limit to speed up and chase my competitor ahead — he was about 800m ahead and there was about 3km left — to ultimately overtook him at the finishing line to win.

I laid flat on the ground, half-dead, but I felt the intense joy of being able to catch up and overtook him. He was my motivation to push myself harder and it was worth it!


This is one of the most common method, which you need to tell yourself (monologue!) words or phrases that incite your motivation.

tan lee guan staying motivated to keep running

During my runs when it gets tough and tiring, I always tell myself to only stop when finished, never stop before finishing the run. If you need to slow down, then do it, BUT never stop!


Ahhh the words of wisdom to be confident in yourself never gets old… It is not so simple to just be confident in yourself to be able to be motivated.

To believe in your own self and to believe in your abilities to keep running until you finish your run, will surely keep you motivated throughout.

tan lee guan staying motivated to keep running

It is easy to underestimate your abilities, especially when your running session is different from usual. Like when you used to run 5 km every session, this time you want to challenge yourself to run 7 km instead.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF that you can do it, don’t even have self-doubt. Self-doubt is the killer of your motivation.

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Able to enjoy the scenery

If you are running at an enjoyable and relaxing pace, you will be able to look at your surrounding and enjoy the scenery. I am able to witness the magnificent view of the clouds and the scenery during my hills runs.

staying motivated to keep running

No words can describe the beautiful view of an incoming heavy rain dark clouds. A huge thunderstorm is on the way and you have five laps to go, what are you going to do?

staying motivated to keep running

Besides, I am also able to witness the formation of clouds from the Titiwangsa Mountain Range after heavy rain. Such breathtaking view really motivate me to keep running.

staying motivated to keep running

To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle

Well, you won’t be fit and healthy if you don’t exercise or run. I am not saying you will be unhealthy, but it is better to have some form of exercise as it has damn many benefits.

tan lee guan staying motivated to keep running

Being healthy and fit shouldn’t be forced, if you want to be fit and healthy, then running is a good exercise for you. Running don’t require any fancy equipment other than a proper running shoes.

To be able to eat a lot (yes! ALOT!) and eat anything

This is so true! If you, ahem… yes you… eat a lot without running or exercise, you will surely gain weight and grow a family-pack tummy.

BUT! I am able to eat as much as I want and anything I want because I run. As long you run and train hard, you surely need those extra calories to feed your muscles with protein and energy.

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