5 simple ways to start exercising as a beginner

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Exercise is a type of physical activity aim to improve your physical fitness and health. Starting to exercise can be a daunting and intimidating task for some people…

Many people don’t workout or exercise because they don’t start. Yes yes… I know starting is always the hardest.

It feels so hard and tough to exercise, that you rather lay on the floor without moving.

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Just by the thoughts of starting your exercise routine scares you; you technically fear the unknown. You don’t know what the exercise is gonna be like and how does it feels, therefore the unknown.

fear of the unknown to start exercise

Or is it because you are just plain lazy. Being a lazy couch potato ain’t gonna be good for you in the long term. Many health-problems such as heart attack, obesity and diabetes are due to unhealthy lifestyle.

Or…. You are willing to exercise and workout but don’t know what to do and how to start. Besides, maybe you lack self confidence to start exercising, or you don’t have motivations to start exercising.

Don’t worry, I will show you how you can start working out or exercising as a beginner with no knowledge and prior experience.

Follow these 5 simple steps for beginners to start exercise:

1. Just start exercising!!!

Hellooooooooooo? The first and only step/way that you can do is to just start exercising. There could be various excuses you may tell me that why you don’t exercise.

The first reason why you didn’t start exercising is because you are giving me excuses…. Excuses will get you no where, suck it up and start exercising now.

Before I started running and exercising, I kept giving excuses to avoid it. I was gaming the whole day, everyday. BUT everything changed when I started running.

Tan Lee Guan

I eventually became addicted to running and it became a part of my life ever since, I will surely be running almost every evening (regardless of how busy I am, especially during my student life).

Second reason is that maybe you lack self-confidence and motivation to exercise.

YESS I understand, it is true that as a beginner you tend to lack self-confidence and motivation because it is a huge change in your lifestyle.

The change from a couch potato lifestyle to a fitness lifestyle will not be easy, but you can do it if you want to do it!

2. Start slowly but surely

I know your excitement and enthusiasm to start exercising as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. But take a chill pill, you gotta start slowly — but surely — to prevent any potential injuries.

As a beginner, you can injure yourself if you push yourself too hard, too much and too soon. <— and this is usually the case of why many beginners call it quit.

Once you get hurt or injured, you become very demotivated and can’t bear with it anymore. Therefore, you give up.

3. Getting the right attire and equipment

Ahhhh yes attire and equipment… You’re not gonna go exercising naked eh? — or will you? Ha! – Don’t worry about it, you don’t need much fancy stuffs.

You just need to buy a good pair of running shoes, any shirt and shorts (if long pants then up to you).

If you prefer to jog or run, I recommend you buy Nike shoes; it is durable and has exceptional grip even in wet conditions.

Heyyyy look at me running, ahem.. flying.. in long pants. Make sure you are comfortable with whatever attire you are wearing while exercising.

Tan Lee Guan

Since you are stingy – yeah you -, it is not necessary to get any specific shirt/pants to exercise. Any attire will do, most importantly you are comfortable with it.

So here we are with the equipment that you will need:

  1. Towel – as long it ain’t your bathing towel, even that also can.
  2. Yoga mat – not floor mat yeaaaaa (if you exercise at home).

As a beginner, you won’t need much attire and equipment, so just go with flow with the exercise first. Enjoy the exercise, not the fancy stuffs.

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4. Set goals like really… Set ACHIEVABLE goals

Yess… You surely have the burning and intense enthusiasm and passion once you have started your exercise, so you start setting hard-to-achieve goals.

Goals that are virtually impossibru to achieve within a short period of time are:

  1. Wanna be fit within a week – impossibru.
  2. To lose your tummy fat and gain muscles within a week – impossibru.
  3. To lose a huge amount of fat within a week – impossibru.
  4. and the list goes on…

Exercising is a great way to be fit and lose weight, but this won’t take days or weeks. It is the results of YOUR effort throughout the weeks, months and even YEARS.

Most beginners – I hope you are not one of ’em – that set impossibru goals because exercising seems easy and simple… until you start… then you know, it ain’t easy.

I know what you feel… When I started running, I did set un-achievable goals (running 10 km within the first week I started running.. wow!).

But eventually I learnt that it won’t be achieved in a week, so I set an achievable goal instead.

To set a realistic goals, adhere to the following SMART way:

  1. Specific – Crystal clear and specific goals.
  2. Measurable – Able to measure progress.
  3. Attainable – How can you achieve it?
  4. Realistic – Can you really achieve it?
  5. Timely – You have a target time/date for your goals.

5. Monitor your progress

This is veryyyyyyyyyy important! It is the only way for you to know how much progress or improvement you have made throughout the weeks.

I personally like to write down my training/exercise log in a notebook – not laptop! – or something.. You can even use your phone/tablet/laptop notepad app to write down your progress.

writing notebook

Don’t forget to write down EVERY training/exercise that you have done. So, you can know the effectiveness of your exercise or training program.

For example, this week you did 3 sets of 25 push ups, 3 days in the week. So, how you want to know your progress/improvement?

You need to compare to the previous week and the following week’s volume and intensity.

If your previous week is 3 sets of 30 push ups, you see that your performance has dropped.

This is because the previous week’s exercise program is too hard for you, so stick to 3 sets of 25 push ups instead.

Once you are stronger and more confident, you can increase your volume to 3 sets of 30 push ups again the following week. But if you are feeling lazy and lethargic, then rest.

Bonus tips: Prevention of pain and injuries!!

When you start to exercise as a beginner, it is tempting to go all-out and do everything all at once…. Yes… You can do everything at once and think is oookayyy, but unfortunately you will eventually suffer pain and injuries.

Besides, it can be very demotivating if you have any pain or injuries while just starting to exercise as a beginner.

You can prevent pain and injuries if you start slowly and doing the exercises with the lowest intensity/volume.

Example, if you are having a hard time to reach 10 reps for any exercise, then don’t be shy to drop it to 8 or 6 reps. Since, you have another 2-3 sets to go, don’t worry so much about the reps.

Besides, to quickly recover from your exercise session, you should stretch after every exercise session, go for a massage session, or foam roll yourself.

foam roller tan lee guan

I usually foam roll my lower limbs three times a week and also follow a full body stretch routine at least twice a week.

Preventing pain and injuries is WAY EASIER than treating or rehabilitating it! So, don’t get hurt and enjoy your exercise routine! Cheers!

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